Хала Арджаан сети РотанаАБУ-ДАБИRRRR
Reviewed by Amro_Naguib
a TripAdvisor traveler.
15th October 2023
“A very good place to stay at”

I was travelling for business and didn't have the time to spent most of the day in hotel but overall, it was a clean place, nice people, centered location, reasonable prices, comfy room, highly recommended hotel for business trips.

Reviewed by Sonny
a TripAdvisor traveler.
28th March 2023
United Arab Emirates
“Homy Hotel Apartment In The Middle of The City”

As i have alot of visit and stay with Hala Arjaan Abu Dhabi has bring alot of homy and friendly welcome environment. Welcome and easy reservation through Ms Riza and Luggage Collection arrangement by Mr. Jefry is quite wonderfull service experiences that delivered by this Hotel Apartment. Want to stay at homy staying hotel apartment ? Hala Arjaan is the best choice for facility, price, and closed to business and pleasure facility.

Reviewed by Sherpa
a TripAdvisor traveler.
9th March 2023
“Hotel Apartments”

Recently I stayed at Hala Arjaan by Rotana I like the hotel apartments the rooms are very clean with a good floor plan. The staff are very helpful and Riza at the reception desk has been very helpful with multiple bookings I needed. Highly recommend Hala Arjaan by Rotana.

Reviewed by Sweeriss
a TripAdvisor traveler.
23rd October 2022
United Arab Emirates
“Pleasant excellent value clean and spacious”

I stay at this hotel regularly when I’m Abu Dhabi. The front desk team are always welcoming (special mention to Riza who is wonderful). Even the reservations team are great (thank you Sebit). Will glassily recommend especially for business travelers.

Reviewed by Mramphillips
a TripAdvisor traveler.
7th May 2022
United Arab Emirates
“Hotel Heaven”

The staff was great all the way from the housekeeping to the car attendant. I enjoy the restaurant’s food and building location as well. I do wish that they gym was open 24 hours a day. I have been there for 3 months and have 1 more month to enjoy.

Reviewed by Remakhalil
a TripAdvisor traveler.
9th March 2022
United Arab Emirates
“Home away from home”

Very comfortable hotel and wonderful flexible staff. Very accommodating and nothing is too much for the team. Located nearby great restaurants and shopping malls. Housekeeping and Reception teams are real assets to the hotel

Reviewed by Quest
a TripAdvisor traveler.
23rd November 2021
“Very nice staff and warm stay”

We had a very pleasant stay at Hala Arjaan, and we recommand this hotel. The location is very good, the hotel reception staff are very nice and helpful. espacially I’d like to thank miss Rakel (hope I spell well her name), she helped us a lot for our green pass with calls, we are grateful on that! We had also a chance to get an upgrade on our room, the apartment is really big and with well equipped. Very convenient! You have also a very good view and a small balcony, it’s nice. Breakfast was very good and with a lot of choice. Anyway, we liked this hotel!

Reviewed by Feo
a TripAdvisor traveler.
18th February 2021
United Kingdom
“the most fantastic and luxury apartment I ever had”

According to my job I am traveling a lot and usually staying in the top class hotels. Recently I have stayed in the Hala Arjaan by Rotana. That was the most superb hotel I ever seen. The room was amazing, nice view, ballon very modern absolutely comfortable. The staff was very professional, and provided all sort of support and help. The room was always clean, everyday staff checked if anything is needed. In addition on the top floor it was fantastic swimming pool about 25 m long, where I used swimming about 1 hour each day. Always in very good condition with comfortable water as well as excellent Jim with variety of tools to do exercises. The hotel is also located not far from the Corrniche beach, where you can also swim any time of the year or cycling around the coast. I would recommend to everybody if you are visiting Abu Dhabi, to stay in this hotel. sincerely Feo.

Reviewed by Leyla H
a TripAdvisor traveler.
3rd September 2020
“Feels like home”

2020 one of the most difficult times for at least the last 5 decades, unfortunately I was far from home blocked like many other people around the world. I had the chance to be ont of your guests. Hala Arjaan feels like home

Reviewed by Jvillegas
a TripAdvisor traveler.
27th July 2020
“Wonderful staff”

I stayed in Hala Arjaan for over a year, and the staff were absolutely amazing. They really made us feel like home. The hotel is clean, safe and secure. I highly recommend anyone looking for a long stay to consider Hala Arjaan!

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