Парк Арджаан сети РотанаАБУ-ДАБИRRRR
Reviewed by Ewh
a TripAdvisor traveler.
30th March 2020
“Great staff and comfortable room”

I recommend this hotel, as it has a very friendly staff, good restaurants and facilities, and a very comfortable bed. The reception cafe is a great place to do some work and enjoy a coffee, as well. An overall great experience.

Reviewed by GTrusnovec
a TripAdvisor traveler.
18th February 2020
“A place offering great opportunities for work and relaxation”

Park Arjaan is a great place for stay in Abu Dhabi, and although it is not located in downtown city area, it is situated close to the main traffic crossroads just outside, so if you have to travel to other destinations within Abu Dhabi or other Emirates, it is an excellent starting point. The service personnel was extremely kind, graceful and professional, and everyone is willing to go an extra mile for you to feel welcome. Rooms are clean and spatious and offer great conditions for work, as well as a relaxation within the hotel perimetres (sauna, gmy, great buffet and bar nearby). An overall pleasurable experience.

Reviewed by Kristijanm
a TripAdvisor traveler.
16th February 2020
“Park Arjan by Rotana”

Great experience on a business trip of almost two months. Friendly and more than a kind staff always prepared to help and to provide great service. I was pleasantly shocked/surprised that I was allowed to smoke even in my own room.

Reviewed by Raybagan
a TripAdvisor traveler.
14th February 2020
“Marvellous all round”

Stayed 2 months ! All excellent. Really couldn't recommend it more......and apparently in have to write more than 200 characters so just doing this to fill the space.....enough.....already....no apparently not. Ah at last over 200.

Reviewed by Salilsohoni
a TripAdvisor traveler.
12th January 2020
“Excellent by all means”

The hotel and its staff are great. They help you with everything. The Coopers bar is open till late. The pool and gym facilities are excellent. Everyone at the hotel are affable and polite to their guests.

Reviewed by Ayaa J
a TripAdvisor traveler.
6th December 2019
“great stay”

i had a great stay ther service was great the only thing missing none of the staff knew what was the location of the qobla most of the hotel i stayed in would provide a sticker on the wall or somwhere so i would know where to pray. this is a muslim arabic country no shame to place a sticker that provides the location. of the prayer angle. other than that i would come back again for sure i had a great time and service was beyond excellent

Reviewed by Libin_kp
a TripAdvisor traveler.
29th November 2019
“Enjoyed the stay”

Value for the money. Excellent place to stay. Nice interior and facilities. Room service menu could be improved. Breakfast Buffet was delicious. Not very far from Abu Dhabi International Airport and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Reviewed by NorthStar
a TripAdvisor traveler.
23rd November 2019
“Great hotel”

We stay at this hotel often for work, very consistent and service is great. This time we had a room in the Arjaan which was excellent, very comfortable. All the staff are very helpful, the upgraded outdoor area in the bar is very pleasant to eat in now, a good add on.

Reviewed by Igchuanyyf
a TripAdvisor traveler.
20th November 2019
“Perfect Stay”

Thank you very much for the care of Mr. Sky for the days of ABU dhabi. Because of the previous recognition, this time, we did not hesitate to choose the ABU dhabi park roana hotel. Fortunately, the hotel has a ferry to the meeting place and the hotel. So every morning traffic is very convenient. By the way, breakfast is delicious too. The restaurant's mike is also a Chinese, although he has not been able to communicate too much with him, but it is not hard to see that he is a very careful and hard-working young man. Second, the receptionist at the front desk was also patient and able to answer my questions and be very kind. Every day after work, we all go to meet the regular gentlemen, and this is a few days when Mr. Chang also served as a free tour guide for us, and we visited many of ABU dhabi's attractions and malls. Also, the time for dinner with you is wonderful, and you have to say that Mr. Chang is really professional and experienced in the matter of being a person. We all like him, especially my father. He always told me that when Mr. Chang returned, I must thank him again. It is not so much to come to ABU dhabi to start the meeting next year rather than to come to the party. In general, thanks to the ABU dhabi hotel in ABU dhabi, and for Mr. Mike and Mr. Raj. Of course the most thank-you are Mr. Chang.

Reviewed by Prabhajames
a TripAdvisor traveler.
15th October 2019
United Arab Emirates
“Park Arjaan - my many stays”

good experience - very convenient, clean and well maintained with all required amenities for a comfortable stay - I would recommend Park Arjaan by Rotana for anyone who wishes to spend some time in Abu Dhabi either for business or leisure - extremely friendly and helpful staff

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