Фуджайра Ротана Курорт и СпаФУДЖАЙРАRRRRR
Reviewed by Ankitsatsangi
a TripAdvisor traveler.
21st June 2024
United Arab Emirates
“Excellent stay and family friendly place”

It was a very pleasant 2 days, 3 nights stay for us. The staff at the restaurant was very helpful and courteous. They took are of our vegetarian dietary needs and offered as many options. Special thanks to Deepu, Sanjay, and Kate at the Mozaique for your personalised attention to detail and making our stay memorable and comfortable.

Reviewed by Haitham
a TripAdvisor traveler.
19th June 2024
United Arab Emirates

The accommodation is excellent, the staff are excellent and friendly, and the services are excellent

Reviewed by Amr A
a TripAdvisor traveler.
19th June 2024
“Stay at Rotana Fujirah”

It was a nice stay. The staff are super nice and did everything to perfection our stay and they were always friendly, welcoming and showed care to resolve any issue and were always attentive to all the guests needs. Staff hospitality and good attitude were the key to make it a nice Stay with good vibes.

Reviewed by OnAir
a TripAdvisor traveler.
18th June 2024
United Arab Emirates
“Wonderful place for staycation”

Excellent service, hospitality. Amazed by surprise cake and wishes from staff on my son's birthday during dinner at Restaurant. Ms Nora was friendly, supportive. Children were excited to meet her during breakfast & dinner. All staff are polite and friendly. Room service is exceptional (clean and neat). Overall, wonderful experience at the resort.

Reviewed by OEUsarahd
a TripAdvisor traveler.
17th June 2024

Amazing in everything. Good breakfast with lots of variety Lots of activities for kids and adults Frond dest staff were so quick and helpful. Big thank you for Marzouk and Hassan See u again soon

Reviewed by Pov
a TripAdvisor traveler.
11th June 2024
“Leisure in UAE”

Three best things about this hotel are the wonderful sea and nice rooms with perfect house-keeping (regards to Kay) and professional lifeguards both at the sea and at the pool. That’s it! No possible activities for teenagers. They only have tired kids club for kids upto 12 years old. What should teenagers do when it’s so hot outside and there is no space for them inside? My son got sun stroke because he tried to play basketball during the day. The next day I sent him to play video games at the kids club but they didn’t let him in. He had to stay half of vacation in the room. Meal is Indian oriented. That is extremely strange as 80% of guests are Russian speaking. If you or your child lose anything you’ll never find it. They have an awful lost and found service. Just forget. And one more drawback is double price for taxi. They make you use their taxi service which is twice more expensive.

Reviewed by Said
a TripAdvisor traveler.
7th June 2024
United Arab Emirates

Have a nice stay. The receptionist, Mr. Hamdi, is a wonderful person. We thank him very much and we will come back soon

Reviewed by FMNpaulm
a TripAdvisor traveler.
29th May 2024
“Great escape from Dubai”

As of this May they are in renovation process of the main reception and lobby area so there is some noise during the day and the reception has been moved next to the spa temporarily so it may not look like you're arriving at a 5 star resort however that's understandable. The elevators are very old looking, hopefully they will replace those. The breakfast is very limited in terms of fruits, they only offer fresh watermelon, which is disappointing for a resort. If you're looking for peace of mind reconsider your choice since the property is always full with russian and russian speaking families, it's a very family friendly property and there are always lots of kids everywhere all the time, everything else was good, clean rooms and comfortable bed, we enjoyed our one night stay, thanks for the reception team who took care of our special request.

Reviewed by Teejay
a TripAdvisor traveler.
28th May 2024
United Arab Emirates
“Perfect Getaway”

The hotel is amazing! let me start with Rohit, from reception, as soon as we arrived at the hotel, his smile and warm welcoming made us feel special and valued, he ensured that we are taken care of, he is truly a Gem! Then we reached our amazing room near the beach area, the room is well maintained, very clean and relaxing. The view is just simply amazing! The breakfast was great and tasty, the waiter and waitress (forgot their names) was very helpful and has the sweetest smiles! Everything was perfect with our stay!! Thanks a lot!

Reviewed by Rishini
a TripAdvisor traveler.
21st May 2024
United Arab Emirates

It was a long journey dubai to fujairh. Since entrance everything was so exited. First of all I wanna give my best regards to "sanuka" who gave us an unexpected , marvelous and really valuable room. Thank you so much Sanuka. We must remind chef sher khan who is really humble person in the restaurant really appreciate his kind words and I was wonder when Im listening his amazing journey. Plus restaurant bar attendant jaganaadan or gajanaadan. Who makes marvelous mocktails and cocktails for us. And what a humble f&b outlet manager Mr leo. We was confused by seen he works with the team and He is a really good example for the teamwork, Leadership and captancy. We are in love with who cleaned our rooms Mr Roshan trustable person and one other guy white and tall. (can't remember the name) Fujairh rotana swimming pool and beach deserved so focused, active and super cool lifeguard boys. All of them are so friendly with all the guest. Should be highlight "Uchitha" Really good hearted and friendly person. And sanduni in mozaique. She is so pretty and really hardworking person with a kind heart. Thank u for all of people who make our journey wonderful and memorable. Hope to see u again. So beautiful place and so comfortable hotel to stay if I can forever….

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